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We have a rugby pitch to install and want to meet the IRB test parameters, how do we achieve it?

Envirostik Ultra-Fix is the latest in adhesive innovation, specially designed for high contact sports installations such as Rugby.  Envirostik have developed Ultra-Fix two part polyurethane adhesive in conjunction with their new high performance seaming tape, Envirostik RTX Tape.  The combined system has been tried, tested and proven to perform to FIFA, GAA and IRB standards; meeting the most rigorous tensile strength parameters.

Envirostik Ultra-Fix has been developed to retain its structure within temperature fluctuations and can be trusted to perform even when it’s cold and wet.  It’s available in 10kg and 12kg sizes with a separate hardener.  Responding to market demands, the RTX Seaming Tape comes in 100m lengths, 300mm wide.