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Seaming Tape SP Grade

Sport-Fix Seaming Tape SP is a specially constructed tape for use with the recommended Sport-Fix adhesive in forming strong bonds when seam jointing artificial grass carpets used in the surfacing of sports areas.


  • Impervious to moisture ingress from the base.
  • Strong rot proof geo-textile bonding medium.
  • Constructed to lay flat when rolled out.
  • Sealed back to prevent adhesive penetrating to base.
  • Minimum thickness to prevent show through at seams.
  • Ideal for tennis courts and similar sports surfaces.

The tape consists of a strong geo textile fabric on one side and this is laminated to a polyolefinic film to prevent the penetration of adhesive through to the under surface. Sport-Fix Seaming Tape SP is for use with shorter pile carpets, where it is important to minimise the height of the tape and adhesive at the seam joint.

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