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Lawn Fix Tape

Envirostik Lawn-Fix tape is a simple way of bonding the two edges of artificial grass strips used in leisure and landscaping installations. The use of Lawn-Fix self adhesive tape can, in some circumstances, eliminate the use of liquid adhesives and a separate jointing tape, thus avoiding the time consuming application and spreading normally required.


  • Single solvent free material to affix the artificial grass edges.
  • Suitable for use on both indoor and outdoor surfaces.
  • High Tack allows repositioning before final pressure applied.
  • Flows into substrates and thus works well on rough surfaces.
  • Convenient roll size for ease of handling.

The tape is constructed by having a layer of adhesive attached to a textile base carrier. The adhesive layer is then protected by a silicon release paper that is removed before use as described below.

This method of forming an invisible joint to a laid surface is simple and effective. However the bonds achieved are not as strong as that achieved by the Envirostik liquid adhesives, Wet-Fix or AquaBond, therefore we recommend that Lawn-Fix is mainly suitable for installing areas of lighter traffic.

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